Cathedral Gorge State Park/ Miller Point

Located off highway 93, Cathedral Gorge State Park features slot canyons and overlooks that transport you to another planet. This location is very accommodating to those with mobility issues, making I a great spot for extended family sessions. The best lighting for this location is within an hour after sunrise and approximately an hour to an hour and a half before sunset. Because of the simple coloring of the background, any color outfits go well with this location.

East Pass

Located out where the Beaver Dam road turns to dirt. This location is beautiful at sunrise and sunset but due to its location on a dirt road, be sure to give yourself lots of time to get there, so you don't miss this beautiful golden hour lighting. Solid colors are going to look best here, due to the intracasies of the background.

Echo Canyon State Park

When you choose this location, I will meet you at the lake and have you follow me back down the canyon a little ways. Hidden along the canyon road are all kinds of picturesque nooks and crannies that are all beautiful in their own ways. For the best chance of sunflowers, book in mid-late August/ early September.

Rainbow canyon/ kershaw ryan state park

Located Southwest of Caliente, this canyon is beautiful any time of year. In the spring-fall seasons, the vast tree coverage makes this the perfect location if you need a more time flexibility as there are lots of shady spots for beautiful even lighting. The fall brings beautiful fall foliage colors and the Summer brings a slight reprieve from the heat with the tree coverage.

Highland/big trees

Located North of Pioche off of a power line road. Featuring ponderosa pines, and beautiful foliage in the spring-fall seasons and snow and pines during the winter, this location takes a 4-wheel drive truck to get to, but is worth the bumpy road.