Riverside Ghost Town

Located off the beaten path approx. 10 miles southwest of Bunkerville on Riverside Rd. This location offers cool abandoned buildings, and lots of large established pine trees that are rare to find in the Mesquite desert. This cropping of trees makes this the perfect location if you can’t do a golden hour shoot, but still want beautiful, evenly lit photographs. If you don’t mind a little mud, you can even walk down to the river at this location. There are two cons to this little gem, and that is, it is on a dirt road that sometimes gets a little washed out (though I make it there in my Volkswagen Passat) sometimes you just have to park up on the asphalt and walk down the dirt road (maybe 0.2 of a mile). The other is that this has become quite the dumping ground for underage partying and there is a lot of trash/ graffiti (I always position you away from these things and will edit out anything that I miss). This location is the hardest to get to and won’t be great if anyone in your photos has accessibility needs. 

Hughes Middle school walking path

Located right in the middle of town, a little jaunt off the paved path brings you to a breathtaking view of the mountains, and lush desert brush with peeks of the muddy river.  Though this location is easier to get to than the Riverside Ghost Town, it will still be difficult for anyone with accessibility issues as there are a lot of downed brush/ sticks that can cause uneven ground.

bunkerville lds church

On the backside of the Bunkerville LDS church is a little stretch of dirt road with a few tall and beautiful cottonwood trees, just enough to give beautiful swaths of light later in the day. This spot is great for mini sessions and those with small children that might need easy access to the vehicle. The ground here is much more even and easier for those with accessibility issues, but it is still a dirt road so keep that in mind if someone in your party has accessibility imparities. 

Falcon ridge golf course

This beautiful golf course has lush greens, and breathtaking views of the mountains as well as beautiful rock accented walls at the club house, giving us so much to work with. The staff are always so kind and accommodating, but it is a business, and we absolutely cannot disturb their customers or disrupt their work. I always call ahead of time, and check in with the staff once I arrive to ensure I am being respectful of their golfers and diners. 

sun city mesqutie

The sun city waterfall is the perfect backdrop for those wanting a more manicured backdrop. There are several little spots along the road in the sun city development that offer beautiful lighting and scenic views. Depending on your session package, we can spend time just at the waterfall, or we can drive a quarter mile up the road and explore all that the amazing sun city landscape has to offer. With the wide sidewalks, this is the most accessible location for those with accessibility issues. 

Cedar Pocket- Slick Rock Trail

Located 23 miles NorthEast of Mesquite, across the Arizona border, this location hosts stunning views of the Virgin River and shallow depths to accommodate dipping your toes in. As the trail name suggests, this spot is not accommodating for anyone with balance or mobility issues. While it is an extremely short trail to the river, the trail is incredibly steep and requires a very slow, deliberate dissent. If wanting this location, it is good to bring sturdy shoes with grip in addition to whatever shoes you are wanting to wear in your photos. This location is absolutely gorgeous if you're up for a little adventure!